7 things you may like in People Business

From the day you step into this line, you will be either gradually like it or perhaps leave it very soon. Why I say so? If this is a job that you think is just doing cold calling to offer somebody with new opportunity and expect some positive feedback, you are wrong. If you think the job as easy as plug and play like puzzle game, I can prove you wrong too.

Today if you are buying or selling a product, well, you can compare feature, advantage and benefit of the similar product from manufacturer or supplier. If you like it, you can choose from supplier A, or B and go for whoever you think is worth. But for recruitment, there are two parties here are equally important to take care – the job seeker and employer. If either one side say “no”, then no deal. Even both side say yes, either one party has changed their mind in last minute, all the effort made was all in vain. In candidate market today, a good candidate that customer want to offer may not be ended as what customer expected or vice versa. So for a business like this, what make people like it you may ask ? Sound crazy right…

Of course, if you put everything on dark side, this job will probably make your life miserable. You are acting like a baby sitter and problem taker. Everyone thought you are their personal assistant, coach, consultant, adviser and expect you to deliver and contribute without any limit. Your job is to make sure everyone happy to get their job but don’t expect the appreciation most of the time. Your job is to make sure whenever there is a demand, you must supply on time, without telling you what’s wrong in between if failure and the worst is no update is update that kind of situation happen.

However, having say that, let’s see what things can make you like this job.

1. Raise your value

The job scope for a consultant, head hunter today is getting wider and wider. A recruiter, could be doing more than just HR or sales role nowadays. So you expect to learn something beyond a HR personnel or sales and equip yourself more value in future.

2. Future psychologist or even feng shui expert

You can judge a person’s character and personality from the 1st conversation through face-to-face or phone when you have enough experience to deal with all kind of people from various industry.

3. Industry expert

Through day to day interview on a similar background of candidates, study customer background and products, for sure you know better than any sales.

4. Improve negotiation skill

When you are handling different expectation from different parties everyday. You always negotiate in order to reach mutual agreement from job seeker and employer.

5. Improve persuasive skill

When dealing with those passive candidate, employee resign, attending interview, rejection an offer and etc, you will try your best to change the situation.

6. Improve listening skill

When they are willing to spend hours to tell you their problem that related their job, family, co-worker and even their pet stories.

7. Improve your patient and EQ level

To certain extend that you will stay calm and find solution immediately when under pressure like rejection on your proposal, shouting on you, not picking the call, no feedback, avoiding your call and etc.


This is not all about the people business, but we do expect and hope that people can treat us as their partner with love and care too.

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