A Great Attitude Becomes A Great Day, Which Becomes A Great Month, Great Year And Great Life.

J was an excellent academic performer since primary school till university. 

After graduated, he joined a few companies. He worked and quit these companies in short period. The reason given was, he couldn’t commit to stay any longer due to “undesired work environment” in these companies.

According to him, the “undesired work environment” means that, he found all of his colleagues were not up to his standard. People were not thinking in the same way as he does. Therefore, there’s limited conversation between him and his colleagues daily. He claimed that he were always alienated by his team members or manager. Thus, it leaves no choice for him to opt for other job opportunities. 

After listening to J, it prompted me to share some of my thoughts with y’ll. 

One must improve his people skills to get along with others in order to generate a healthy working environment. Changing a job will not fix the root cause, as you’ll unable to stay in other companies as well.

Connections & networking is essential in the real corporate world. Therefore, hone your people skills, try to open up yourself, try to get along with people and be nice to people. You will get a different result from that, and eventually, you’ll found yourself feel happier and live a better life as well.

Lesson learned :
A Great Attitude Becomes A Great Day, Which Becomes A Great Month, Great Year And Great Life.

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