5 Signs Of A Healthy Company Culture

What do you look for in a job? Stability and a good salary? Challenges and vast opportunities for the future? While all these are important factors to consider in a job, it is often that what matters most is being able to wake up every morning, full of enthusiasm and looking forward to going to work! Consider this: You’ll be

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An Easy Exercise In Your Workplace

Introducing an easy exercise which you may practicing in workplace – Tennis Ball Foot Massage Rolling the foot with a tennis ball provides a self-controlled massage and stretch for the bottom of the foot and plantar fascia. This exercise is also beneficial to brain and nervous system as there are thousands of nerves in the feet. Let’s start the exercise

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If It’s Important To You, You’ll Find A Way; If Not, You’ll Find An Excuse.

One of the job seeker, Johny, felt sick a day before an interview. He worried that he couldn’t perform well during the interview session hence he requested to reschedule the interview session to 2 days later. We received a positive feedback from our client company immediate after Johny’s interview session that, they would like to hire Johny. Hiring manager was

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Nothing Happen Without Commitment

Few days before I received a job application from a job seeker who’s currently working as a freelancer. She was once worked as an executive in a reputable organization for years and started to work as a freelancer as she was tired of the 9 to 6 and would like to try something out of her routine job. After several

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These five characteristic job seekers will not easy to land a job or keep their job long. Is that you?

Resignation and job-hopping are very common nowadays, so many people are often in the process of finding a job anytime. The job sometimes is not easy to secure because there are too many people competing in the same position, or the hiring manager wants to hire the best of the best. Therefore, when you are looking for a job, you

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20-20-20 Eye Rule For White Collars

As white collars, we probably spend a lot of time looking at screens, such as computer, smartphone, tablet, TV and other digital devices. Have you experienced any of the following problems? Headaches Eye watering Blurred vision Dry eyes In fact, most of these digital devices-related eyestrain or other symptoms do not require medical intervention but can instead be alleviated by

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8 Easy & Desk Friendly Office Exercises

Most of us sit at a desk for eight (or more) hours a day, five days a week, most weeks of the year. Too much sitting can be blamed for health ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. So, simply move your body a little more during the workday to get rid

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