It Is Your Attitude At The Beginning Of A Task That Determines Success Or Failure.

One may face a tough time finding a job, even a job seeker who graduated from well-known oversea university with an outstanding result, can be difficult as well.

Recently, our consultant had a long conversation with one of the candidates which has an outstanding result and graduated from a well-known oversea university. This candidate had a tough time of seeking for her first job, and it took her about 8 months of her time in her job searching journey, but still yet to secure any job.

Out of curiosity, our consultant questioned “Have you figured out the reason of getting unemployed for the past 8 months?” to this applicant. Surprisingly, she is able to answer to the question but in deep emotional tone. Previously, she applied jobs only in reputable big companies that offers above market value’s salary package. Due to her high egotism, she thought that she is deserved more than the ordinary jobs with her outstanding results, therefore she rejected a few of jobs offers without careful considerations. And now, she felt regretful as she realised that she had a wrong thought since the beginning of the journey.

This is the common mistake made by the fresh graduates nowadays, they may think that their marvellous academic results could lead to automatic-success in life. However, please be minded that good academic results do not always determine one’s fate. Some who have not even completed their educations have become successful in life today. For brighter and better future, do not look at things in short term prospective instead, one shall put more efforts and aims at the long run. Always remember, attitude and personal skills set is the most crucial for better career progressions.

Lesson Learnt:

It is your attitude at the beginning of a task that determines success or failure.

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