Talents, Talents, Where Are You?

In candidate market today, it is undeniable most of the companies are getting more challenges to attract talent to join them as compare those days. Generally the employer’s perception about job seekers are lack of commitment, and feeling more emotionally whereas the candidates want the company to give them more flexibility, recognition and work life balance. Overall the confidence level in between the employer and job seeker is low by having doubt and uncertainty at the beginning stage of hiring process.

Every company says hiring is the most important thing, but actually very few are ready mean it. Most of the companies don’t ready plan it and analyze what’s wrong of not getting hire a single candidate. They just blame all the external factors as they have done all they can – job posting and engaged with recruitment agencies.

There are 5 ways perhaps can help you to identify the root cause and improve your hiring process further.



  • Set the right criteria
    When you decide to hire either directly or through recruitment agency especially a new opening for the company, please make sure that the job scope and requirement is clearly defined, do-able, and reasonable to the hiring team or agency. Firstly, you can do a bit of survey on current market trend about similar job opening, and secondly, it will be more value added if you can apply your company core values into hiring process. Once the criteria set, please try not to change or add-on, if not, experience tell us that you will end up very disappointed to spend more time and resources to filter the right candidate and create more miscommunication to find the prospects.



  • Improve market exposure and appearance
    Nowadays, it is important to improve the organization image to attract talents to join the company. Online appearance such as social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website are the best tool to enhance company image into the market. Generally most of the job seeker would prefer to accept the job interview if they know who you are, what you are doing, how the company like but sad to say that we still can easily find the company’s social media is inactive or they don’t have the website at all. Hence employer should not ignore the power of social media and website to attract more talents to apply job opening.



  • Transparent
    Sometimes it is easier said than done for this. During interview, the employer always made the same mistake is selling too hard about the job and company itself. But what if the picture painted is not what candidate expected. That will trigger more issue after the candidate joined. It is equally important to share the challenges of the job, real company status and expectation upfront to gain candidate trust before they accept the job offer.



  • Realistic offer
    Every company want to save cost, but when you apply it in hiring, it is going to cost you more in times and resources. Many hiring managers or companies are practicing to negotiate salary with job seekers despite of the candidates have put their salary expectation in resume. Apparently there are some companies are try their luck to offer the candidate way below market rate and worse even lower than what candidate earned now. Don’t be happy candidate who has accepted your offer with unreasonable low pay, they can easily say bye-bye when they get better offer. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Just say no if the candidate salary expectation is over your budget but be considerate if the good candidate is asking bit more from you. How do you know if the candidate good or not in the first place? Trust you gut feeling.



  • Feedback
    Every candidates are keen to know the outcome after interview. It doesn’t matter whether they failed or not but it is not nice keeping them false hope for the job offer. However we still can see a lot of companies are practicing – silent mean consensus as SOP in the hiring process. By the time if the company want to invite for interview or offer, it is always too late. So don’t practice no feedback is feedback during your hiring process. Bear in mind, you are not the only one who is looking for talent out there.

In recruitment life cycle, a good start is half of the battle. Have a good plan and practice will make sure you to land the talents that you want ! Happy recruiting !!!


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