A Year End Message To You

Time flies, we are heading to the new year 2019 soon. Whilst a lot of people are enjoying to clear their annual leave to travel around and activate the holiday mood for Christmas and New year, some people like the entrepreneur, business owner, freelancers etc might not have such luxury time to take a break. They probably need to figure it out how to move on their next year or even month plan. Truly, when you are the position, you are automatically holding yourself the responsibility not just about yourself but also the team that works together with you.

Generally, a lot of people dream about entrepreneurship, being a boss, you can instruct your staffs do this and that, you can sit back and relax and let other people do things for you. But in actual fact, it may not be that way unless your capital is rich, or your product is selling like hot cake. You may be ended up work like a mad dog, freedom become limited, and you must think in every single minute how to innovate and be successful than your competitor. So, sacrificing come first then harvest the fruits come next if you can make it.

Any successful entrepreneur or businessman, we look at some successful people like Steve jobs, Robert Kuok etc, it never comes easy and shortcuts for them to success. They failed many times, get up and strive again and again. Besides, they are smarter, creative, intelligent, brave etc. the extraordinary elements are their attitude and character made them who they are today. Having said that, money does not determine how successful they are but the fulfillment and contribution to society and people make them greater.

Ask about yourself once again, whenever you want to leave your job or receive a job offer, is it because you hate your peers or company, or because the new job has brighter future and make more impact to your current job and life. Never ever leave your current job with frustration to accept another offer or venture into business. Leaving during your peak in your career or the new job that able to give you different job fulfilments and achievement and be able to bring you to the next level.

All the best to all in your upcoming year 2019, let’s be positive ahead no matter what obstacle and challenges that we are going to face. Happy new year!

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