Newbie In The Company

Stepping out of your comfort zone as a newbie in a company, it is normal to feel nervous and exited at the same time as you enter a new environment and meet new peoples. First few days, questions arise at the back of your mind as you wonder what are the do’s and don’ts, the norms, written and unwritten rules in the company? Who are the people around you and what are their characteristics? When will you adapt to the company’s culture? These questions will eventually get their answers after some time, when you get involved in the company longer. However, there are some things you could do to speed up the process.


To be part of the company, you must understand the culture to fit in. To understand the culture, you cannot merely rely on observation as it is inadequate because some details would not be revealed through observations. Communicating or mingling with you colleagues may be the best way to help you understand the company in detail. This is because they work there longer than you do and they are already adapted to it. In other words, they themselves form the unwritten culture of the company  and they are the ones who could help to guide you into  the culture.


Staying in Malaysia is rewarding as this country is filled with different variety of foods and cuisines.This encourages eating in groups to try more variety of food.This advantage can be used as  a networking tool to strengthen the relationship with your colleagues. As you will be spending more time and working together with your colleagues in the future,having good relationship with them will lead to higher productivity.Having lunch with your colleagues is the fastest way to understand each other because at that time people tend to be more open minded  to share more information and at the same time  you could adapt faster.


Ask questions to clarify your doubts and unanswered questions as you could fill in to your surrounding or events that could  happen.Bedsides that, be ready to make mistakes as you might learn from them. Most importantly, have positive attitude and be curious to learn as everything happen for a reason. All tasks that are assigned to you is an opportunity to grow and to enhance your skill in performing advance job in the future. It will help to answer some of your questions in your mind. For example, administrative job is the first few task that should be done by most new comers. This is because the most basic job, gives the  best opportunity to understand the whole system of the company as you get  to explore or go around the company .This could also help to rapid the pace of acclimating to the company’s culture.However, most people perceived that it is unnecessary or irrelevant to their job because it is not challenging and it seems be meaningless but every small task is a crucial element of a bigger picture.


Lastly, make your workplace as at home as possible but it does not mean that you should wear your pyjamas to work because an office is still an office. Generally, it means putting some effort in beautifying your desk or customizing your own way of organising things. For example, planting small pot of plants could bring some life to your workstation or your very own decorations that could bring joy and relives. Putting effort in your workstation could trigger you to feel more connected to the company and feel ease at work.


Don’t be afraid to be a newbie as everything will fall into place. Get involve and enjoy working so that you will feel more motivated to work your very best for the company.

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