Why is the staff leaving you?


A very common question asked by every employer when an employee is leaving the company. The fact is most of the employers or superiors are likely to put the blame on the staff issue, and on the other hand, the staff who is leaving will usually keep the reasons behind when they tender for resignation. As such, staff turnover remained an issue that can never be improved because the truth is not revealed.

In this new era, job seeker’s career expectation has been changed tremendously as compare those days in resulting employee retention is getting more challenging. There are three common areas that every employer should not ignore and ensure that they are making the effort to improve from time to time.

The Workplace
First and foremost is to build a healthy working environment to the staff. It does not mean you need to build the office like Google, spending a lot of money to renovate fancy workplace like a playroom, bamboo garden and etc. But no one like a workplace without basic infrastructure like pantry, bright and cozy environment, internet connection, drinking water supply, flexible work style and etc. From our experience, we don’t deny that some employers’ mindset they still remained very old fashion way whereby the company hires a staff is for working and able to make the profit to the company and it is not compulsory to have the benefits as long as they get paid. All extra benefits and perks are the extra cost to the company. Having said that, if the staff is reluctant and less motivation to come in office due to poor working environment and atmosphere, it is pretty easy for them to walk away whenever they find a better work place where the basic fundamental need is taking care, it is not about salary at all.

Company Culture
Company culture is not about the entrepreneur or the boss’s work style that everyone must follow in accordance to the boss’s mood. It’s about the core value and belief in the organization that everyone should follow as a guideline. The principals that from top to the bottom level must adhere with and it should be changed from time to time to adapt the situation. If a company allows office politic, gossip, prohibited employee to interact with others due to the reason of private and confidential, they can’t speak up, no flexibility and etc, the longer the toxic culture exists, the worst turnover will be.

Learning and growth
Nowadays the employee especially the young generation is quite smart because they learn things fast and multitasking. They wish to gain their superior recognition and reward them if they can perform well. They wish to find someone become their mentor and able to groom them to the different level. Thus, the employee especially the young generation do not satisfy just handle one task for many years. Instead, they like challenges to bring them job satisfaction and reward. They can afford to resign without any job in hand because they believe they can find the next job easily and have no financial burden due to their parents still can support them as and when needed.

Of course, there are many more factors internally can be the root cause as well.

Bad Employer Mistakes That Make Good People Quit

We need to be sensitive enough to observe and treat every staff differently as every one of them is unique and have different career expectation.

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