Workplace Manners

Good manners are the foundation of positive relations with bosses and coworkers. Good manners make all the difference in our daily encounters in the workplace and can make a big difference to your career advancement opportunities. But not everyone seems to know what it means to have them.

Here is a list of rules of good manners that one should abide by in the workplace and anywhere else.

Say “Please and Thank you”. Always remember to say please when you’re asking for something or asking for others’ help. Say thank you whenever someone has help you or give you something.

Say “Hello and Good bye”. Greet people when you encounter them. A “Good Morning” with a big smile might brighten up someone’s day !

Say “Excuse me”. If you want someone to get out of your way, if you bump into someone, if you walk between two people having a conversation, if you need to interrupt a conversation, say “excuse me.”

Don’t interrupt. Ideally, you shouldn’t interrupt people when they’re speaking. Let them finish. If you must interrupt, say “excuse me,” or if you catch yourself after the fact, say “Sorry for interrupting you.” Sometime, things can be waited for extra few minutes.

Don’t complain. Just don’t. It poisons the atmosphere, not only bringing bad influence to coworkers, but also making you sound like a jerk, and sometime, it might hurt someone’s feelings.

Don’t give unsolicited advice. We live in a world where people are always telling others how to live. They tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, how to be happy, how to exercise, or how to manage your relationships etc – all without being asked. It’s rude to provide others your unsolicited advice when someone do not ask for it.

Don’t make personal remarks about someone’s appearance or clothing. Making personal remarks used to be considered rude. Remember, appearance doesn’t define someone.

Don’t include too many personal matters in a public conversation with coworkers. Everyone has own life, own stories or own difficulties. You don’t need to reveal every single personal life’s details if others didn’t ask. Not everyone interested with your father’s regular exercise hours or what dishes your mom cook on last Friday’s night.

Don’t take things for granted. Whenever your coworkers offer you help, return them with something. For example, if someone fetch you back on a rainy day, offer the person a cup of coffee on the next day. Remember, people are not obligated to help you with everything. It’s not everyone’s responsibility to pamper you.

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