You need courage too when looking for job…

I have participated the career fair recently and noticed that there are quite a lot of job seekers are exploring job opportunity, some are SPM school leaver, the fresh graduated in Diploma and Degree, and many are experienced ones who have taken VSS or with no more job due to contract ended. The eldest job seeker that I have met during career fair is 59 years old guy, but he is still keen to look for a new job opportunity and telling me that he is fine with anything so long there is a job for him.

That’s the courage you need to start a new career if you are at his age, ladies and gentlemen. Some may just opt for retirement and enjoy life, traveling around the world, doing some freelance job, and etc. But he does not want to stop working and start telling me his past working experience, in hope I can help him to find another job with soonest. I was amazed his courage and attitude and thought the young generation (whether you are Y or Z) should learn from him.

You need the courage to step out from comfort zone to get a better job opportunity and career path. Also, you need the courage to tell yourself it is not right to stay at home and do nothing although your parents or wife are/is loving you so much. You need more courage to overcome the challenge when you have failed many times of interview.

Whenever you want to give up, please tell yourself you have nothing to lose and you will never know what is going to happen the next if you don’t try it out.

Conquer the fear only make you stronger. Keep it up to all the job seekers.

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