4 Tips You Should Know About Recruiters

Many job seekers are confused about how hiring process works with recruiters, who they are, what their roles are, and why should they connect with recruiters and so on. It is essential to understand their role and how the process works in order to know what you should do when you are engaged with them.

Basically, recruiters are divided into 2 types, internal and external. Internal recruiter will be refer as in-house HR recruiter who assist the company in the entire recruitment process, including sourcing, filtering, interviewing, selecting and hiring the right candidate for the right job in the right time. Whereas for external recruiter, it may generally refer to independent and outsource party, such as agencies, recruitment firms, head-hunters who assist the client companies in sourcing, filtering and find the suitable candidates for the company.


There are 4 Important Tips that Job Seekers should know about Recruiters:

  1. Recruiters are not Career Counselors

Recruiters may provide you opinions and advises based on their perspective and experience, however they are not your career counselors. Do not expect a recruiter to look at your resume and immediately know what your career path is and where you should be fit into any organisations.

It is your job to explain what you want to do and to tell the recruiter what is your career direction – which jobs and which department of the organisation that you think you are deemed fit to.


  1. Recruiters has no obligations for Job Seekers

Recruiters work for the employer who pays them. They are not the one who help you to find suitable job, while to be exact, they are the one who help the employer to find suitable candidates.

They may guide and explain to you regarding the company details and interview information, however please do not expect them to guide you in your job search. It is your obligation to seek for your own job, not them.


  1. Recruiters are not the decision-maker to guarantee you to get a job offer

Recruiters are either the employees/ outsource services towards an organisation, but not the person who decides you whether you get the job offer. Usually, their role are the person who delivers the good or bad news to the job seeker. Although they are involved in the recruitment process, however the decision maker will still depend on the employer / hiring manager.


  1. Recruiters are not in control of the hiring process

Mainly, their job is to find the suitable candidates for the company and maintain the hiring process flows smoothly. However, neither of them could give any promising words to job seekers regarding job offers and their status. It is due to different hiring process usually involves of different level of people and functions, therefore the outcomes are normally unpredictable as you thought.

To be frank, usually these are not the recruiters’ faults for the delay, negative feedback and bad news for not shortlisting. Therefore, be patient and wait for updates from your recruiter instead of chasing after them, scolding them and complaint about them.


In short, try to be nice if you are engaging with any of the recruiters internally and externally. Do not stereotype and perceive that your job is their duty. You should be grateful that they are helpful hands who assist you to get your desired job. Understand them more, and treat them nicely as well, never take it as granted.

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