Find Out What You Doing Best, And Get Someone To Pay You For Doing It.

R is a fresh graduate. She’s a fresh graduate from Law studies background and she’s actively seeking for job opportunity at the moment.

R tries to apply for several roles such as admin assistant, customer service, accounts executive, legal assistant, analyst, operation assistant etc. I’m kind of confuse when I saw her online application as I do not know what actually she’s seeking for.

When I asked for her preference, she did not give me any firm answer. She mentioned that she found she has less interest in Law/Legal after graduated, and she has no passion to go for any related position. She has no clue of what position that she should go for, she do not know her career pathway, she had never think of it as well.

“If you do not has the passion towards Legal/Law anymore, then why would you apply Legal Assistant at the first place?” I asked.

“Why would you think that you are able to cope with other positions such as accounts or logistic related ?”

She unable to answer me, even don’t know what she good at.

Thus, I gave her a timeline to think about her direction, what she good at, and come back to me after that.

It’s good to have the courage to explore new things, but it is a must to have a clear direction of where you’d like to go. Find something that you good at and really interested at, so that you’ll stay longer and happier.

Lesson learned 

Find Out What You Doing Best, And Get Someone To Pay You For Doing It.

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