If Everyone Is Moving Forward Together, Then Success Takes Care of Itself

A few months ago, I came across with an ex-colleague and had a short chat with him. He claimed that he is leaving soon from the company (which also my ex-company). During our conversation, I noticed that he was so down and at the same time non-stop complaining about his team members and work.

The story began with his team members started to gang up and make accusations about him to his superior, no more cooperative with his direction given, and cut out the social activity with him. You can image how hard he was in the office without support from his own team members and the team performance naturally went downhill.

So, he started confronted with all the members when the team is not performed. The teammates only wanted to get rid of him. The story behind why the team so suddenly changed because the management was putting a lot of pressure on him in order to get the number in. He adopted micromanage the team activity to ensure his members achieved the number given by the management since then. As a result, the relationship with the team members is getting worse.

Deep down in my heart, it truly saddened to see my ex-company messed up like this. The sales result is getting poor what he claimed, and the staff turnover is getting higher and higher. I remembered I have spent some of the wonderful times in this organization, people treated each other respectfully, harmony, and friendly. The salespeople are inspired by the company direction and vision. Everyone is aiming at the same goal; the team spirit is incredible. Most of us are getting job satisfaction beyond what monetary received. So naturally the company became the market leader for years, and everyone was proud of the achievement.

It is not shameful if the company is downsizing or even closed due to the macro environment such as trade war, bad economics, competition, etc. It is painful to see what happened like my ex-company where they have great product and services, but they have beaten by themselves. Great company culture and working environment will create a miracle and perform beyond expectation whereas the company will get worse once the virus started spreading the negative energy within the organization. Hence regardless of the virus is the company top performer or achiever not, they must go if they are no longer part of the team anymore who contribute the same value and goal for the organization. On top of that, the company itself should constantly review and accept the criticism from the staff to improve further.

Unity is strength…when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

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