Jobs vs Career, Can You Tell The Difference?

How would you define a person who is looking for employment opportunities? Most of the time we will regard him/her as “job seeker” but seldom as “career seeker”. Although it is easy to mistake these two term as the same meaning, they are in fact two very different terms. A person who has a career has definitely secure one or two jobs in their life, meanwhile a person who has a job may not necessarily have a career. Here are some tips that can help to identify the differences between these two.


  1. Continuous development in work

A career involves having personal goals and milestones to overcome. There will be a lot of personal improvement and development happening at all stages of your work cycle. Whereas in a job, your first day and last day of work is pretty much the same, where you will be doing routine based tasks daily. Also, it is also easier to find a replacement for you when you leave your job.


  1. Having a job = Securing a career?

There are actually many jobs that require people to do the same things daily such as serving in a restaurant, driving taxi or doing data entry/clerical work. While these are important jobs which contribute to the economy and ensuring the public have a pleasant experience, they are functional roles that must remain in the society. How we can make a difference on these routine jobs depends on us. For instance, a waiter takes up night classes for hotel management course after finishing his shift in restaurant, he is willing to learn from mistakes and aspires to be restaurant manager one day. As such, he is in fact working towards a solid career path in the F&B industry. At the end, he might not succeed and end up resigning, but he already secure himself a career as he already has the skills and knowledge to join or lead a team of restaurant crew.


  1. Commitment in job

It is easy to see if someone is not interested in building up his/her career. For example, if you  job-hop quite frequently and you feel completely fine about it, this might be a sign of lack of interest in securing a career.


  1. Personal satisfaction

A person in a job will get financial satisfaction, but when it comes to personal worth, the values they hold and finding the purpose to what they do, a job may not be enough. With a career, you can design your own path and thus, the definition of success for each individual might be different. It can be as huge as producing an award winning film for a multimedia student and as small as starting an animal shelter for abandoned kitten for social workers.


All in all, when you have a career that you love, it’s a long term, enjoyable journey that can change your life.

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