Never Stop Learning In Your Career

During CNY, I met up with my friend for gathering, as usual, we talked about family, personal matter, and work. During our conversation, he shared his experience that he hired a fresh graduated (let us call him Mr. A) in his current company recently. Mr. A has made his work life more miserable instead of helping him to ease his burden. Here is the story about.

At first, Mr. A tend to show his performance to him by completing his task before dateline, never say “no” attitude, and enthusiastic to learn. Mr. A slowly gained my friend’s trust and eventually assign him into different role after a year. However things changed after that, Mr. A does not show his passion in work anymore.

My friend quickly responded to Mr. A after seeing his performance dropped. He had an open discussion with him about his recent performance and tried to find out what went wrong. Mr. A told that he does not like his work anymore after being assigned different role. He prefers the work that being assigned earlier. Mr. A just wants to do what made him comfortable and easy for him to deliver. The conclusion was Mr. A felt that he does not feel any more passion with the new role and the extra work given that affected to his personal life as he needs to stay back sometimes to complete extra job given. My friend nearly wants to fall down from chair when Mr. A told him so. With that, he explained the situation and reasons why he assigned him to the new role…

Cut the story short, the bottom line is Mr. A wants to stay in his comfort zone and stay where he wants. Mr. A believes he has done his job so long he will get paid and work-life balance is more important than his career path.
Truly everyone has the right to choose their career and personal objective but sometimes if we choose the wrong path, it will be no turning back. Whether you are a fresh graduate or has the working experience, you are supposed to keep learning and push yourself to limit in your career. A lot of people missed out on the golden opportunity to build up their skill and knowledge at the beginning stage ended up it takes more effort and times in the later stage compare with others.

Whether you are in a good or bad working environment, I am sure you can learn something from someone in your office. Dealing with a bass boss and working environment, someone will see it very negatively, but someone will overcome it and make himself or herself a better person.

Never stop learning in anywhere and anytime.

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