Questions That Should Not Be Asked During An Interview

Recently, June went for an interview in a company. Her overall performance was good and she was able to impress the interviewer until… she raised up some questions that should not be asked during an interview session. At the end, she screw up the interview session.

Based on our findings, below are the most common questions that cause candidates to fail the job interview.

  1. How much you can offer me ?
    It’s too early to ask before finalizing stage ? Salary discussion is part of an interview process, but it shall be discussed in the right timing. Usually, Interviewers will bring out the subject once they feel confident that you are good fit for the role. Normally, this will be discussed during the end of interview session.
  2. May I come early or leave late as long as I commit for 8 hours job ?
    Understand that employee always looking for flexible working hours and no doubt that some of the companies has started to apply flexible working hours for their staffs. Before submit job application, you should be clear about the working hours. Employers will not compromise to such request during an interview session as you are still in the screening stage for them.
  3. How late I need to stay for extra hours or overtime ?
    Extra working hours always related to work efficiency. High efficiency may results in meet deadline and task completed within the time. It is hard for the Interviewer to give you the exact time that you need to complete the job assigned. Only when you are in the role, when you are adapt to the job, you will know how long you need to stay for overtime work.

Interview is not the time to be asking for special favors. You should put the priority on selling yourself. Ask what you can do for the company, but not what company can give you.

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