Take nothing granted for job opportunity and your career…


One day, I went to buy a newspaper at Mamak in the early morning, I gave my two ringgit to the boss and expected for a change. The Mamak’s boss looked at me and said,” hey, next time, bring coin okay.” Sorry, he did not sound politely at all. After that, I never go back again after this incident.

We have to admit we always take things for granted especially to those people that we know well such as our parents, siblings, partner, the company, co-worker, supplier, and even the customer. We will frustrate whenever things are not right for us and eventually create a bad move or treat them emotionally. Sometimes we don’t even know we are the root cause of creating the relationship problem to others.

When I was working in corporate, I did act like other job seekers to reject many job opportunities from direct employers and recruiters. I neither keep my CV up to date nor involve myself into job portal frequently to look for the job opportunity. As the years go by, I paid the price by taking more time to build up the proper CV and look for new job opportunity. When I ventured into recruitment industry, I started to realize how foolish I am to treat those recruiters before as they never call me back after all.

Always keep your CV up to date and build the relationship with recruiters. You will be amazed how you can easily find the job opportunity from them.

Another common mistake was we are always complaining about the company, the policy, the superior, peers, colleague from other departments and so on. We always ask “Why” “How” to seek for answers from them whenever things are not in favor to us. The situation is getting worse because once the bad atmosphere is created, it easily damages the relationship, gets demotivated into the job, eventually makes a wrong move and damage your career by simply just changing job from one to another. The company built does not fit into a personal goal but to the entire shareholder, the employees, and the customers. It is good and never too late to start to evaluate yourself how can you change to fit into the company culture and grow together with your company.

Always remind yourself no one is dispensable and irreplaceable. Is either you take the challenge and perform better or go somewhere that able to accommodate your vision.

Looking for the job opportunity or talent is a challenge nowadays, let’s not take the job opportunity and the company for granted, as part of recruitment today, I will not take job seeker and client for granted as well.

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