Things that you should know when searching job through Recruitment Agency


Being a a job seeker today, you should be grateful if you are comparing the older generation in the past where they are generally looking for job through word of mouth, walk-in, or newspaper. Today we can see many recruitment agencies or head hunters are around to serve you, more and more online job board are available in the market to alert you the job opportunities. Besides that, there are many universities and colleges’ career fair are waiting for you as well. The job itself probably knock your door more frequent than ever.

However, having say that, there are still some job seekers do not know how to engage with the recruitment agency to benefit them in resulting the unpleasant experience during job searching sometimes.

In order to effectively land you a job through recruitment agency, you should take note below:-

1)More job applications doesn’t mean more chances for you. Today recruitment agencies tend to have their own job board to serve the job seeker and their customers. However the functionality of recruitment agency’s job board is totally vary from those public online job board. Many job seekers thought the more resumes sent, the better the opportunity there are. Forget about this way, and start going through the job scope and requirement deeply from each position, it will definitely help you to secure a job.

2)Job inquiry whenever you like. Recruitment agency is not a convenience store where is opened 24 by 7. Job seeker still practice to call at night and weekend to ask about the job vacancy. Always reach them at the right time and channel such as email or social media. Just be patient, they knew that your urgency to look for job and they will call you if you are fit into the position.

3)Keep the opportunity open. When the head hunter is calling you to share the job opportunity or connect you through LinkedIn, you are likely the person that they are looking for. Be more open-minded whenever they are reaching you and always politely reject if you are not considering the job opening. Don’t feel awkward where the head hunter got your information or why did not share more detail about the company background. If you are persistent to stop them, sometimes you never know you will let go some great opportunities that you are looking for.

4)Misuse your personal information. Some job seeker is skeptical on gathering their personal particular such as current salary, address, IC number, referral and so on for other purposes. Let’s assure you that your information is being protected under the law, PDPA act. Be honest and transparent will be able to help the recruiter speed up the job application for you. The information is critical to proceed further for interview.

5)To check market value. Some candidate practice to see what’s their market value and proceed to attend interview despite of no interest to move on. Just be honest to tell the head hunter that you have to reject that opportunity to save everyone time. There is no value to proof yourself whether you are high demand or should deserve more from existing employer. You know how good you are. The salary benchmark is easily find through any job site if you want.

6)Missing in action or no show. It is getting norm nowadays candidates are no show after being invited by the employer or head hunter for job interview. Putting yourself into their the shoes, will you hire someone who did not turn up or response for late ? If you really can’t make it or change your mind not to proceed, just make a call and apologize. If not, you easily get blacklisted by the agency and employer.

7)It cost you. In the past, job seekers tend to pay if they engage recruitment agency for a job. Listen, not anymore unless there is term and condition in between you and the agency.

Do open yourself when the opportunity is knocking your door and be positive whenever you are hearing a call – “Hi, we are from recruitment agency” 🙂

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