The Struggles Faced by the Employers towards the Fresh Graduates

Based on the statistics report of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), there were up to 200,000 graduates are unemployed in Malaysia in the year 2016 alone. Generally, it proved that fresh graduates are facing certain difficulties while getting a job. Moreover, for those who already have jobs, most of them are unable and having difficulties to secure their jobs for a long period. The facts are proven by the surveys on local fresh graduates and their employment pattern by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Jobstreet. Thus, is there any valid reasons which upraised the unemployment of fresh graduates?

No doubt, there are certain reasons that have been noticed, however until now there is still no solutions for the holes. Even the employers of small or big companies as well as the job portals are cracking their heads about the fresh graduate problem. One of the struggles that they are facing is fresh graduates are completely lack of skills and experience. Despite of working, most of them have pursued their studies in universities or colleges after receiving their SPM results (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). Although they are exposed to the theoretical methods from the lecture notes, but without implementation in practice, they are unable to acquire the actual skills to solve the risen issues. Thus, the employers are having difficulties to provide sufficient time for trainings, at the same time paying high salary in order to satisfy these candidates.

Besides that, poor communication skills of the fresh graduates may also consider one of threats that caused of unemployment. Based on the interviews conducted by the employers and recruitment agents, it is hard to believe that they are dealing to the person who held Diploma or Bachelor Degree qualification. Even though the candidates have been fulfilling the job requirements, however most of the results are ended up in poor communication skills especially in English language. They are unable to speak well and fluent as they did not practice English but only speak with their mother tongue during the college time. As a result, without this basic international communication tool, the job providers may not want to risk the job positions with a misfit person.

Furthermore, the most unacceptable reason for the employers and the job providers is fresh graduates are being too unrealistic and demand too much on salary. For instance, most of the candidates who finished their Diploma or Bachelor Degree in their universities or colleges may thought that, they are entitled to deserved better compared to those without such qualifications. However, the ideas and mind-sets are totally misleading and false. They should not expect too high while they got less-to-none experience or exposure in the relevant field and industry. Instead of focusing solely on education qualification, the employers and job providers determined a person’s salary by his working experience and performance. Thus, most of the fresh graduates are rejected by the employers and job providers due to their nonsense and unreasonable expected salary.

In a nutshell, there are the main struggles faced by the employers when dealing with fresh graduates from universities or colleges. It is no doubt that the unemployment rate in Malaysia is increasing slowly. Unless, there are amendments or modifications that can made by the fresh graduates themselves in terms of attitude, mind-set and career direction.

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