Importance of Teamwork in an Organization

Teamwork generally plays an important role within a company that effect employee’s performance. Employees who are working in teams become the standard for the organization. By conducting teamwork an organization could improve man-power utilization and potentially rising performance of the individual. Besides, employees prefer to work self-confidently and assertively in team and increase the productivity of the company with the support from upper level management. In business world nowadays, managers are allocating additional team project to employees with opportunities to intensify and improve their knowledge and develop their skills. Rendering to a recent study, employee working as a team able to produce more outputs compared to employees conducting job individually.


Team is a group or collection of individuals who are interdependent in the task given to them and who share responsibility for the consequences and outcome. Team authorizes and allows individuals to work together, support, develop individual skills and deliver productive feedback without any disagreement among individuals. Teamwork has been distinct as a fundamental and imperative factor for persuasive and functioning of an organization. Due to enhancement of new innovations in technology most of the company activities become complicated and complex, thus conducting teamwork is a key focus of many organizations. Teamwork is mandatory and extensively essential for all types of organization, including non-profit organizations. Apart from that, Team members boost and develop the KSA which is knowledge, skills and abilities while working in teams. The work performance or efficiency of the team is higher than individual performance when the task requires a wider scope of knowledge, judgments and opinion. The advantage of teamwork is substantial productivity development in the ranges and operational supervision.


Teamwork also generates an atmosphere that simplifies knowledge and information exchange which can be said as knowledge sharing. Moreover, the capability of new forms of Work Corporation to build up the employability of labors through multiskilling and the achievement of higher competencies in problem solving, communication and team working will help labor market adaptation and also support new form of local and provincial economic development and regeneration. Organizations which highlight more on teams have resulted in improved and better employee enactment, superior efficiency and better problem solving at work.Teamwork is detailed and accurate organizational quantity that shows illustrate different structures in all sorts of organizations, including no-profit firm. In related development, Ingram experiential that the good manager is the one who allocates the responsibilities and task of employees work in a form of team in order to take maximum productivities from employee’s, but to Waher, it should be potential to purpose a proper scheme or system of team building within every company for employees in order to encourage and allocate best practice and maximize outputs.

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