These five characteristic job seekers will not easy to land a job or keep their job long. Is that you?

Resignation and job-hopping are very common nowadays, so many people are often in the process of finding a job anytime. The job sometimes is not easy to secure because there are too many people competing in the same position, or the hiring manager wants to hire the best of the best.

Therefore, when you are looking for a job, you must perform well and present a good image in front of the interviewer. Even you have successfully secured the job, your manner and attitude are determined how far you can go within the organization too. The following five elements must not be expressed and demonstrated to your superior or boss in the workplace, otherwise, the interviewer will certainly not hire you and you wouldn’t be able to get a promotion so fast.

  1. Passive mentality
    When the company invites you for an interview, please be sure to be positive and optimistic. Even you had a bad day, please keep it to yourself and show professionalism in front of the interviewer and colleagues.
    Your characteristics and attitude are determined for your career and career progressiveness within the organization. No one wants to hire and retain a negative person in the office.
  2. Acting too smart
    In the workplace, the interviewer, either is department head or HR, they are very savvy. They have seen all kinds of people, so anyone’s personality can be seen in front of them.
    Therefore, when answering the interviewer’s question, don’t try to play smart. They knew you are not sincere and trying to fool them. Under-estimated your superior emotional and intelligent quotient will pay the price when you are trying to act too smart with them.
  3. Over-Aggressive Mentality
    A strong character person may not be the favorite among the job seekers as well as among the colleagues. When the hiring manager, usually the department head make the call to hire his or her own team, generally these types of person are out because they will worry about the teamwork, affect the working atmosphere if hire someone who is strong in character. Generally, this type of person will get off very soon within the team.
  4. Play Safe Type
    There is a type of employee who is rather play safe in everything within the organization and department. Basically, the interviewer or hiring manager does not like such a person who is not able to contribute and self-motivated in their team. When a problem arises and facing any challenges, they rather avoid and pass the responsibility to others. Please bear in mind, the interviewer can identify your character through questionnaires or multiple tests nowadays. Therefore, the interviewer is rather dismissed you during the interview before any damage done.
    When the office has such a person, he or she usually only care about their work only, whatever job scope or responsibility that not related to, he or she will not be bothered. Do you think the company will keep such a person long?
  5. A loner and Fussy Personality
    These two types of employees usually will create a negative working environment within the company. A fussy employee also is known as called “complaint king/queen” usually likes to gather together and spreading negative in order to demotivate the team and make everyone very uncomfortable. They do not like to contribute ideas but rather talk behind their bosses.
    Lone rangers often do not like to communicate with others. They thought so long getting the job done, and get the salary pay, the rest is not important. But somehow the group of people is affecting the unity of the company and department. When the interviewer finds that the job seeker is fallen under these categories, he or she is not considered.

Even you get hired, sooner later your role becomes stagnant because you are not part of the team anymore.

Of course, there are many more types of personalities out there. But these five types of job seekers and employees are best not to have within the organization. Stay professional when you enter the job market and workplace.

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