Two Kind of People You Should Know Within the Company

The moment we step out of school and enter the working life, we usually get to know our colleagues first within the same office or department. Slowly, the relationship becomes closer, and befriend each other.

Among all your colleague, one type of person that highly recommended is to look for a mentor within the company. This kind of relationship is so near yet so hard to get because not everyone able to find one and not everyone wants to be someone’s mentor. Mentorship is usually happening between superior and subordinate relationships. The follower is passionate to learn from the mentor about their work style, attitude, behavior, decision-making process, coaching style and etc so that he or she can become successful like the mentor. Not denying that this is the faster way to grow your ability when you try to emulate the mentor’s strength and apply it to yourself.

Mentorship can be worked both ways, which means they can teach each other, and both become so successful in their work. It is rare and hard to find. As a mentor, you tend to sacrifice yourself in time and resources to someone more. You always need to standby when your apprentice needs you. You should be grateful if you are able to find someone who is willing to become your mentor in work and life.

Another type of person that you should know is your enemy within the office. The enemy might be just next to you or hidden from you. Sometimes probably is your besties or co-worker in office or someone who is your boss that tries to bring you down as they foresee you are threatening their position. The mentor brings positive in work, in contrast, your enemy tends to destroy the team harmony and bring negative in work. They are a group of people who are usually emotional, selfish, low esteem person. Thus, unfriend those enemies and find your mentor will benefit you in your workplace and future career path.

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