5 Ways To Improve Your Job Searching

job searching

As job seekers, many of you probably puzzled why no update and further news from employer or recruitment agency after you sent in your CV? Are they too busy and overlook your application ? Or they just keep your record and do nothing you may doubt. However having say that, have you ever thought the problem could be arising from you? Don’t panic, we have some tips for you to make you a better job seeker-

1. Be Specific and Relevant

Whether you are fresh graduated or experienced candidate, you should already know the job you want toapply and is relevant to job requirement. You should not just drop your resume without cover letter attached, no explanation of what job to apply and hoping the hiring manager or recruiter to respond you. You may ended up jobless for months and accept whatever offer comes although it is not your first choice, then resign and search job again until you find the right ones. The employer is definitely hesitate to hire a job hopper.

2. Be Flexible

Don’t set unrealistic expectation, if not, you are digging the hole for yourself to jump and ask for trouble. If you set yourself too many restriction to apply job, chances to get yourself hired may eventually less. The more versatile you are, the more doors opened for you.

3. Be Honest

Some candidates are trying to beautify their CV by adding more working experience, lying the length of service, the company work with by hoping to get better offer. Frankly, this will lead you to dead-end. Let’s assure you that the employer can easily check those mistakes. Even you are lucky enough escape from this, your level of competency, skill and knowledge will prove one day once you are onboard. The truth does not cost anything but a lie could cost you everything.

4. Be Perseverance

Job searching could be a long battle for some candidates. You are lucky if you found your job in first interview, we have seen some candidates spent months to look for their next opportunity but eventually give up and struggling where they are. Every failure is a stepping stone to success and hence please keep trying to knock the opportunity until you find the right door.

5. Be Considerate

Everyone hope for the perfect offer to move on but you must consider other factors as well when the job offer is not met all your expectations and be fair to the employer. If you have too much for consideration, it is better stay where you are.

Job searching is not like throwing as many as bottles to the ocean and hoping someone pick up and reply you positively. The quality of ground work is more important than the quantity. Please bear in mind, in reality, the opportunity is only reserved for those who are well-prepared.

Asking yourself this question : “what can you contribute to the employer if you got the job” This perspective will definitely benefit you to look for better in your next career.


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