Is my résumé good enough ?

Resume or CV (curriculum vitae) is playing a very important role during job searching because it is representing yourself before the hiring manager or recruiter interview you. However, we still find job seeker being careless and make mistake, eventually jeopardize the job opportunity at the beginning stage. Thus I have some advice for you when preparing your resume.

Typo error

Candidate always start their resume by personal particular such as name, gender, address and contact details such as email address and personal contact number. However, there is always typo error especially in their contact details such as email address and contact number. No matter how good you are, missing ONE number or ONE alphabet will be a big issue for us to reach you.

Untrue Job Description

Internet always is the main source that we think of if we need any answer or solutions. Due to this convenience, some of the candidates will misuse it especially when writing their job description in the resume. In order to let the employer know what they are doing in past employment, they will always search others’ job description on the website, copy and paste and become their own working experience. This will affect the credibility of job seeker that looking for job. We can use the source as a reference but never copy and paste from the original page.

Current Location

In Malaysia, KL or Selangor will have the more job opportunity compare to other states. Therefore, a lot of candidates will look for better exposure, better career path and better offer in KL or Selangor. We would advice candidate to indicate your current address instead of providing us your hometown address as this will be easier for us to have the job matching for candidate. If you are ready to relocate to anywhere, they you may remain your hometown address but please indicate “willing to relocate to anywhere” or specific which state that you think are fine with you. Then the employer will know your prefer working location.

In my opinion, a good resume is not judge by how professional the position you are or how good your writing skill, but is how accurate and how much the useful information that you provided. Obviously, personal particular details, education & employment history and briefed job description will be the main content of a resume. However, please double check will spelling especially the contact details before sending out your resume to ensure that employer or recruiter is able to reach you.

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