Are You Really Ready for Job Interview?

Job Interview is literally defined as a formal meeting in which a candidate is asked questions to determine their suitability for a particular job. However, for most of the job applicants, it is a known as a scary, terrifying, and full of surprises session. From the interviewee perspective, you will never know who you will be sitting in with, whom you will be speaking with, how many interviewers during the session, what kind of topics and questions will they ask, and so on. It can be said that the interview session is beyond of control and unpredictable. Therefore, all they can do is crossing their fingers and hope for it to work out with a positive result.

When comes to interview session, although candidates are unable to foresee what will happened, it is best for them to make preparations or practices in order to deal with it. In order to overcome these anxieties and concerns, 7 things and actions can be taken by the candidates which include:


Before interview:

  1. Be Mentally Prepared

Make sure yourself is well-prepared and have a good rest at night before interview. Clear out all of the negative feelings and stressful minds in the head and tell yourself you are not doing this for anyone, but for you yourself. So, do not stressed out!

  1. Do Research and Survey

It is rude if you attend to meet your potential employer and wait for them to tell you anything and you did nothing. You should do some research on the company background and study about the position’s job description (JD) before the interview. If you do not tend to join the company or the job, ask yourself why you apply for it?

  1. Know about Yourself

“Tell me about yourself, what is your strength and weaknesses? “ Often, this is one of the biggest dilemma faced by candidates when asked by interviewers. Most of the time, candidates are unable to identify their personalities and core values, this is the reason why they left out as it is not confident and persuasive enough for the employers to get interest into you. Thus, always ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ , ‘What is my value’, ‘What am I good at, what am I weak at’.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Interviews will indirectly give you some pressures and nervousness, candidates should able to overcome it in order to perform well. You should practice more, maybe with your friends or family, as it will help you to overcome it, especially for the first timers. If you seek for succession or to secure a job, you need to pay effort into it, but not just waiting for it to hands.


During interview:

  1. First Impression

Most of the interviewers will rate the candidates through first impression when the candidate came into the interview room. Therefore, as a candidate, you should wear smart in formal attire in order to give a good impression to the interviewers. Your outlook may define and influence the position applied. Be smart, act smart!

  1. Answering Tough Questions

Usually, candidates may face a few difficult questions which makes them hesitate and not sure how to answer, eg: ‘Can you perform the job as stated in job scope?’, ‘Can you fit into the job?’, ‘How will you see yourself in 5 years’ time’. In order to answer all of these questions, just stand on the shoes of employers and based on your own desire and wants, you can noticed that the questions are asking regarding candidates’ willingness, commitment, loyalty, career path and etc. Have faith in yourself, then you can answer them well and impressively!


After interview:

  1. Sending Thank-You Notes

At the end of the interviews, majority of the candidates would only think that the session is finally over and straight away head back home. To be frank, you should be polite to deliver a thank you to the interviewers for their time and ask them regarding the application status. This is a simple manner as a job seeker to monitor and manage own status after the session. Always take note on these minor things may make you lose of golden opportunities.


These are tips and guidelines that the candidates should’ve take note during interview session. If the result is good, you will noticed that your efforts has paid off for it. If it is more towards pessimistic, just tell yourself never give up to the small failures as life still goes on, so that you can try harder next time!

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