Get Along With Your Colleagues

We’ll spend around 8-9 hours of our day at office daily. In other words, we probably spend more time with our colleagues than we spend with anyone else. Therefore, having a good relationship and working well with colleagues are important. It is important that to work with a team of fun people in a friendly environment. Else, the time at work can be miserable.

So, what to do if you want to build friendly working relationships and get along better with your colleagues? Here are some tips that will help :


1 . Always Smile

Because smile is the most beautiful expression in the world. Always remember to keep a smile on your face. Greet your colleagues with a simple “hi” or “hello” with a smile every morning. A simple hi or exchange of smile is the first step to a constructive workplace. Don’t forget to practice other common courtesy such as saying “Thankyou” to colleagues who helped you out at work, “Sorry” for bring troubles to the team and so on. It is essential to remember practice good manner whenever you are around your colleagues. Regardless of how comfortable you are around them, always be polite.


2 . Being Positive & Supportive

Be as positive as you can. Spreading positive energy will helps you initiate healthy conversation with your colleagues.  Positive vibes is always a key to build healthy social networking. Also, do not be a hoarder. Always offer support or back up your colleagues whenever they need help as teamwork is essential to business success.


3 . Treat Your Colleague As Friend

Improve your workplace relationship by approaching them and initiate a conversation with your colleagues. Treat them as your friends. It’s okay to talk about anything and everything (except for malicious gossip) at work. Take a genuine interest in their hobbies, activities, etc (not just for the sake of it). You will soon find this being reciprocated when your colleagues take interest in you.
4 . Having Meal Together

Sharing meals together builds relationships. You can always get to know each other better since there’s a lot of informal communication can happen over meals. The friendly tone set when colleagues eat together can support more intense conversations later in the day. It is believed that having meals between colleagues will increase cooperation and performance.


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