Keep your options open before it is too late

A candidate shared her story with us recently that she has assigned to a new department that she has never worked before, which make her feel depressed. She has been working with her company for more than 10 years, she described herself loyalty, good relationship with colleagues and superior. Her performance is considered above average. Everything seems perfectly fine until the announcement made overnight without any pre-inform her. She completely lost when she has to deal with such situation, either she leaves the company and find a new job or accept the new role that she is totally not familiar with.

Have you ever stuck in between during your career life like her? According to our finding, there are many job seekers are looking job opportunity when only the market is bad, get retrenchment, office culture changed, bad superior, and many other reasons. Some are luckily able to find the new job very quickly, and happily with the new colleague and company, there are also people are ended up with culture shock, leave again, and kept searching the new ones, some got fired due to skill incompetency to the new job expectation because of limited exposure and knowledge.

Here we have a few recommendations for your reference before you face this worse situation:-

1)Always upgrade yourself.  You need to equip yourself with more than one skill that what you are currently doing. Start with your own interest at the beginning stage to build up another skill set to survive or venture into entrepreneurship.

2)Explore another job role within the company that you may interest. E.g. like sales to marketing, admin to purchasing, or logistic role.

3)Keep your CV live.  Always engage with other recruiters even though you are not looking for new job.

4)To build up your networking through professional job portal and social media.

5)To find a good mentor to lead you to a better career path.

So make your own path and decide where you are at any point of time. Don’t wait until last minutes and get miserable in your career.

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