Fresh Graduate, why so difficult to get the first job ?

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Fresh graduate, have you ever think that why you should further study to get a degree/bachelor qualification ? The adult always tells us that degree holder can secure a better job. Degree holder can get higher income.

Based on the statistic, every year about 200,000 students will be graduated from both local and private university. Sadly to hear that 1 out of 4 graduates still remains unemployed status after 6 months since final year exam. Have you figured out why ?

There are 2 main reasons that I found out from my recruitment experience and are you one of them ?

  • Poor Attitude

I always believe that attitude comes first. Even our client are looking for good attitude employee rather than good education qualification and working experience. Straights A’s or fresh graduate with CGPA 4.0 does not guarantee employment.

Research proved that 1/3 employer stated that candidate often fails to turn up for interview schedule. Recently, many employers have encountered the problem that candidate has no show for interview without any prior inform. This is an irresponsible attitude that fresh graduate show to the employer and don’t they know that interviewer purposely free themselves for the interview appointment and just would like to meet them up ?

Secondly, candidate always unconcern on their time management especially being late or forget for interview appointment. Normally their reasons are stuck in traffic jam, raining, get lost, location too far and etc. Even some of them are not well prepared for the interview, not sure about the jobs scope and company background as well as do not bring along the supporting documents. Furthermore, we have experienced that our candidate wearing jeans and t-shirt for attending interview.

  • Too Choosy

Candidate nowadays is smart and they know to compare before accepting an offer. Majority of them will compare about salary package, location, company working hours and office environment. I would say that nothing is perfect, there is no one employer nor company can meet your expectation.

In such, they become too choosy about their first job, they demand high salary, location that near to their current address, flexible working hours and no OT is required and comfortable office environment.

Based on the survey done by Jobstreet in 2015, 68% graduates were asking about unrealistic salary and benefit with 30% expected more than RM6000.00 of starting salary. With a fresh background, no related experience even working experience, training is needed, employer encounter problem to hire fresh graduate with such demands. They would worry if offering the expected salary, it will be unfair to current staffs; if offering below expectation, fresh graduate will not stay for long term. Such a dilemma situation for the employer !

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