New year wish in talent sourcing

Time flies and today is the last working day of the year 2017. Looking back the whole year activity, the job market has a lot of improvement as compared with last year in term of the number of the job opening, and job seeker response to look for new opportunity. That’s the good sign.

However, having said that, talent sourcing and hiring is still a key challenge for some companies such as the key role is not able to fill in, refill the same positions, and high turnover. In the recruiting cycle, we break into three main areas to discussed based on the industry practice.

The first phase, we look at the searching part, where the challenging part to the recruiter is the wrong information and expectation given by the hiring team. When at the beginning stage was wrong either job scope, hiring manager’s expectation, salary proposal, and etc, the whole recruitment cycle will back to square. Whatever time and resources have been spent are wasted on all parties.

After the evaluation is done by the recruiter, that’s where the hiring team conducts the interview with the shortlisted candidate. In this second phase, when interviewing with the candidate, the hiring team must treat the candidate as their employee to be fair, transparent and honest during the conversation in order to attract the candidate interested to join the company or consider their job opening in more favor. While you are selecting the candidates, the candidates are also comparing the job scope and companies at the same time. The mistakes commonly made by hiring team were lateness, too offensive questionnaires, lengthy of interview process i.e. 3rd, 4th-time interview to ask for same questions, the interview took too long, disrespect, personal attract, and many more.

Last but not least, when the company reaches the offer stage, it looks very simple, but never underestimate this stage because not all candidate will accept the offer by the company. Research showed that the candidate rejected the offer are following:-

1)The interviewers and the company culture do not attract them
2)The candidate does not gain any confidence in the company future
3)The company can only offer the same salary that currently candidate has enjoyed or much lower salary that candidate expected.
4)Job scope mismatch that shared earlier by the recruiter or HR where there are more than a role candidate needs to be taken care
5)Company turnover is very high and has poor image
6)Lack of company benefits

The hiring team must know that every single candidate is unique and not perfect. If you encounter someone who is fit and meet the requirement, please do not hesitate to grab he/she. Good luck your talent sourcing in 2018.

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