A Year End Message To You

Time flies, we are heading to the new year 2019 soon. Whilst a lot of people are enjoying to clear their annual leave to travel around and activate the holiday mood for Christmas and New year, some people like the entrepreneur, business owner, freelancers etc might not have such luxury time to take a break. They probably need to figure

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Late To Work Series Episode 2

Last week we’ve talked about the top 5 most common excuses for being late to work Today, we’ve summarize 5 uncommon excuses for being late to work. These are also some of the hilarious excuses that we never expected to hear before. Part 2 : 5 Uncommon Excuses For Being Late To Work

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Late To Work Series Episode 1

We’ve all been late to work. It happens to everyone at some point. It’s OK to be late as people usually will understand. But once in a while, the boss / HR will still want an explanation from employee. As a recruiter, I’ve heard various of excuses over the years. Let me sum up the top 5 most common excuses

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Find Happiness At Work

Happy workplaces bring huge benefits, not just for people but for organisations too. People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more and have better health, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose. They also have a huge positive impact on the organisations they work for – evidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative and

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Get Along With Your Colleagues

We’ll spend around 8-9 hours of our day at office daily. In other words, we probably spend more time with our colleagues than we spend with anyone else. Therefore, having a good relationship and working well with colleagues are important. It is important that to work with a team of fun people in a friendly environment. Else, the time at

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How To Improve Office’s Productivity

Being more productive at work isn’t rocket science, but it does require being more deliberate about how you manage your time. Here are some ways you can harness new scientific understanding to help your office be more productive. 1. Have your breakfast every morning We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but just how important

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Chapalang Managlish at it’s best !

Of 3 years working as a recruiter, I’ve been making hundreds, or even thousands of calls, meeting and speaking with lots of candidates or clients from various background, I realized that our Malaysian language is some kind unique andit’s consider a bit of distinctively culture in our country. Manglish, the Malaysian English, also known as Bahasa Rojak in our country,

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